Sworn By Shadows — Letícia Godoy

Hello folks! Today I will post for you the synopsis of my book Sworn by shadows. I'm beginning to translate it into English and is getting pretty cool! I was awaiting! 

Literature: without borders!

Synopsis: Sworn by shadows tells Elvira's story, an orphan girl who, when about to turn 18, discover that a death's prophecy haunts her past, and that there are hidden things about her that no one can explain. Amidst the confusion that becomes her life after learning more about herself, destiny keeps her one more surprise: Luigi, a young seminarian who she falls madly in love. But it won't be easy to take and live this forbidden romance. Elvira has to face her past, but can't live without Luigi, who also need to decide between her and your religion career. One that allows various opinions about the events because of its fragmented narrative, where everyone give their opinion about the facts. Sworn by Shadows invites reader to enter the mind of characters and figure out who is telling the truth, enveloping him in passion, conflict, jealousy, hatred and death.

News coming soon!

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